It’s a Great Time to Sell Your House

Now is a great time to sell your house!

Demand is still incredibly high, with low inventory and a housing shortage across the country. Even with a rise in interest rates, property is still selling at record speed in most areas in many states.

The houses that aren’t selling? Well, they’re the usual ones…

Even with the high demand, most buyers are not looking for major projects. Buyers are looking for turnkey homes to get on with their daily lives, without breaking the bank or disrupting their plans. Life is too short, and most people don’t want to invest in property that needs work.

You know the kind.

Majorly outdated.

Big repairs needed.

Deferred maintenance (deferred for far too long…).

Old mechanical systems.

Leaking roof.

Foundation concerns.

Siding, gutters, exterior paint.

Vacant houses.

Many buyers won’t touch these with a ten-foot pole. But, guess what? We will! Not only that, we are actively looking for these types of properties. We will look at them all. And we’ll get you a fair cash offer within about 24 hours.

If the above describes your property, you’re not stuck.  Call us today at 517-797-0129 so we can come take a look at your house (or houses) and make you an offer. What have you got to lose?

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